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Gal Gadot kisses Kate McKinnon in ‘SNL’ Wonder Woman skit

Gal Gadot reprised her role as Diana of Themyscira, also known as Wonder Woman on “Saturday Night Live” and shared a kiss with actor Kate McKinnon.

In a sketch that spoofed her blockbuster, “Wonder Woman”, Gadot meets castmembers Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant who are excited to have found the lost island of Themyscira.

As it turned out, McKinnon and Bryant were lesbians who came to the island looking for companionship, but unfortunately for them the women of the island were not on the same page.

Gadot, however, was willing to experiment and planted a long kiss on McKinnon. “I felt nothing,” Gadot, 32, said after the kiss.

Spurned but undeterred, McKinnon and Bryant left to set sail for the nearby isle of Lesbos.

The actor also starred in a sketch in which she teased a hallucinating Thompson lost in the desert, and in a spoof on Cinderella in which she was gifted a less-than-luxurious gown by a group of well-meaning mice.

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