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Gal Gadot reveals she couldn’t breathe in ‘Wonder Woman’ costume

Actress Gal Gadot says her Wonder Woman costume was so tight in the beginning that she found it difficult to breathe.

Gadot, 32, says it was when she worked out wearing the outfit at the gym, she felt a little comfortable, reported FemaleFirst.

“I couldn’t breathe when I first tried the costume on, it was so tight. So I went to the gym, tried it on again and it felt great, a much better fitting,” says Gadot.

To the actress’ dismay, the designers decided to tighten the costume a bit more but she convinced them eventually that she would need it to be a little roomier during the shooting of the film.

“We adjusted the costume and I wore it every single day, and we shot over 117 days. The new version was great. I can even sleep in it. It’s like pyjamas,” she says.

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