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Gillian Anderson loves single life

gillian_andersonThe ‘Fall’ star – who has Piper, 21, Oscar, nine and Felix, seven, from previous relationships – insists she is ”content” with her life as it is and doesn’t feel she needs a man to make her happy.

She said: “Well, yes, I am content. I don’t feel anything is lacking in my life. I certainly don’t sit on bar stools, pining. But the fact is I just haven’t met anyone, and I don’t know where people do meet people.

“The thing is that there are needs and there are wants. I have a list of needs and I will not compromise about those. But aside from that … I don’t meet anybody! It’s not like I meet people, and they ask me out, and I say no. It’s not even like I meet people and I don’t give them enough attention. I just don’t meet them at all. I’m either on a plane, or on set, or with my children. There have been people in my life who’ve tried to set me up, and if a friend said: ‘I know someone amazing’, I would show up. But here’s the thing: I’ve got three children. It’s a big ask.”

The 47-year-old actress also revealed personality is far more important than looks for her when it comes to picking a boyfriend.

She added: “I haven’t been in a relationship for a couple of years. But I’m not anxious about it, nor am I interested in starting to see someone who doesn’t fit. People go: ‘Oh, he’s so cute.’ The trouble is, I’m not interested in looks at all.”

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