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Give priority to women’s safety

The Bombay High Court has reportedly asked the police department to come out with a plan for ensuring women’s safety before keeping bars open 24×7. Police department have sought one month’s time to implement the policy which shows that they did not apply their mind earlier enough. It has been noticed that not many people and organizations are expressing their views in the matter presumably, trying to play safe vis-à-vis the supporters of the move.

What should be the meaning of development or “vikas”? It should be to enhance and upgrade agriculture to increase production of pulses and say, bring down the prices of “Tur Dal” from Rs 100 per kg to Rs 50 and not by keeping hotels and bars open entire night. These establishments should operate till 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Let Fridays and Saturdays be the nights for eating, drinking and making merry before resting on Sunday and organizing for the next working week.

Our governor Shri Vidyasagar Rao possesses good knowledge but he does not want to part with it to advice the government on what is right and what is not desirable. Rao had asked Vice Chancellor Rajan Welukar to resume his office with immediate effect. Earlier the Governor had asked Welukar to abstain from discharging his duties and had appointed Naresh Chandra as the acting VC till further orders. Villagers are not receiving adequate water supply as their crops have been destroyed due to climate change. Farmers are facing financial problems due to crop failure and we are in a hurry to party the entire night every day.

We are going to UN and will be observing an international yoga day but if you ask any yoga expert, he will not approve the hotels and bars to be kept open as desired. In all our actions in almost all matters, we should follow a well considered path considering whether any proposal is necessary or not, is it good for public health, is it good for women’s safety etc. After drinking till mid night, what do you think the people will do? They will feel boisterous, engage in fights, chase the women, commit theft, destroy or damage property and spoil their own health. The drug peddling will also get encouragement. We are reading reports about recovery of drugs from the cupboard of a policeman. I read the statement of yellow hooded driver who said, I don’t know, I was drunk. A person requires six to eight hours sleep for good health. Let us work towards improving the health of our citizens which will make the nation strong.

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