Global Terrorism causing concern

The writing is on the wall. We have seen terror strike in the Indian sub-continent and it has become universal and a permanent solution to the terrorism is the need of the hour. Terror strike in Moscow is a great concern after London and Paris. The attacks in the recent past are lethal and it is time to give an eye to an eye, so that such ticklish situation due to terror attack may recur frequently in the major cities of the world. After Washington, Paris and London, now it spreads to Moscow and in the near future many more thickly populated countries will face music just like the 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack. When Indian Foreign Ministry airing concern about terror, the other countries did not take it seriously and brushed aside the chances of terror spreading to other parts of the world. Now, after the Russia Metro explosion, the member countries call for combating terror and that must become priority. It is a good beginning, if serious views regarding terror attack are given utmost importance by the affected countries.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)