Home Column Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War — Part I

Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War — Part I

Go to NAME instead of allowing USA making India theatre of Shia-Sunni World War — Part I

Donald Trump,Shia-Sunni,World War,Trump,USA,USIndia is the only secular democratic country (that too of ~ 1.35 billion people) in Asia (based on the political values of Western liberal World led by the USA) hence it faces permanent grave existential threat by its neighbours and which can be handled effectively only when NATO provides requisite military support to India. Therefore ‘The National Defense Authorisation Act’ or NDAA is an overdue and welcome development. India is now on a par with America’s NATO allies Japan, Australia and South Korea following the passage of a bill by the US Senate in a key move to increase defence partnership including advanced technology transfer. The House is expected to take up its version of the NDAA before July 29 and then it will become a law.

However, presently, NDAA is coming in a particular context of US-Iran Conflict and India has to be careful and should go to the NAME region instead of allowing the USA to make India the theatre of Shia-Sunni World War

(1)- The chances of US-Iran/Shia-Sunni World War are not that remote and its adverse impact on India is not that mild. Rather, these are compelling and its impact is disastrous for India as it may lead (if not handled intelligently) to another dismemberment of India.

(2)- Though present India is not the British India of 1947 which trifurcated the mother, rather presently it is the total of the Princely States and British India. As reported this development of NDAA comes amid a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump in Osaka after the visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah duo like Gandhi-Patel duo (as-far Nehru it did not matter, either united or partitioned India, as long as he was made PM) are showing British-India mindset. Hence the Indians with Princely-States-India mindset should take responsibility to inform the Indians about the danger of another dismemberment of the motherland of India if India falls in the trap of USA.

(3)- Under the regime of Trump, whatever right or wrong (like shifting of capital of Israel to Jerusalem without solving Palestine problem, cancelling unilaterally and arbitrarily the Iran nuclear deal, etc.) Jew-Israel wanted has been given to it. Hence despite USA and Iran when in addition to Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. the Jew-Israel want (may be due to Jew Jared Kushner the son-in-law of Trump as a senior adviser to Trump) the US-Iran/Shia-Sunni World War keenly and eagerly, then it is bound to happen.

(4)- Earlier Shias and Sunnis around Israel were against Israel on Palestine issue. Now, Sunnis led by Saudi Arabia (SaAr) are with Israel (with the support of NATO-led by USA) against Shia Iran (due to alleged support of Shia Iran to its militant proxies in Sunni majority regions which is causing immense human rights problems in Syria, Yemen, etc. and which is the main reason for the USA to cancel Iran nuclear deal because the money Iran got after nuclear deal due to lifting of sanctions were allegedly used by Iran for financing Shia militants and  terrorists mainly in Sunni countries). Therefore, now it has become very easy for Israel to trigger the Shia-Sunni World War.

(5)- At the same time, before roping-in India for Shia-Sunni World War, the USA does not or does not want to know that India is extremely vulnerable on two fronts against the Shia group supported by China-Russia (i)- On military front due to Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh / N-E (ii)- On economic front due to unsecured crucial and huge oil imports (84 per cent of oil is imported which will become uncertain during Shia-Sunni World War and a substantial part of the remaining 16 per cent will be needed by the Indian military during this war).

(6)- The USA, presently in Presidential election mode, will not put its boots on the ground and the USA knows that (especially without Pakistan) the Sunni world led by SaAr is incapable of taking on Shia group supported by China-Russia. Hence the USA is trying to make India the theater of US-Iran/Shia-Sunni World War. But If India plays this game of USA then another dismemberment of India is highly likely.

(The latter part will continue on Sunday.)

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