Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Good coverage by television channel

One of our television channels performed a good job by reporting about an American research ship and a unique bridge in the Baltic, marvels of technological achievement. Television channels should show more programmes of this genre for public education instead of merely wasting time on Arvind Kejriwal, Ramvias Paswan, Lalu Yadav etc. These things project only negativity and idle gossip, diverting the mind of the youth from productive activities.

I saw a clipping where a cow was operating the handle of the water hand pump, using her mouth and then drinking the water as it came out. See, even the cows want to learn skills but our politicians are still learning ABC. Despite too much advancement in manufacture and use of fire fighting equipment we continue to witness a fire which broke out at Ceat tyre unit in the city’s eastern suburbs. It is the job of the safety inspector to check about the risks involved and to suggest corrective actions to be taken by the management to curb such accidents. Electrical audit of the wirings is very important to avoid short circuits, and this must be done on a regular basis.

The factories which use hazardous material or deal with it must take special care and seek the assistance of fire brigade personnel to train its employees in basic fire fighting techniques. Such incidents should not occur in reputed factories. It is negligence. People think that the job is over by merely fixing a few fire extinguishers at certain locations, but it is not correct as regular fire drills must be completed at least once in a month.

AAP party workers are moving around wearing caps and carrying brooms like jokers and no body is rounding them up for unbecoming behavior. Such incidents can be averted if my suggestion for compulsory national service is put into practice. The Supreme Court should fine Prashant Bhushan for frivolous litigation. The honourable High Court must also ask Delhi police to penalize Kejriwal for holding “ dharna” on streets in violation of enforced prohibitory orders. Order and decency are vital for the development of the nation.

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