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Good rescue operation from Yemen

Indian Defense forces have undertaken a good rescue work from the strife torn Yemen. Minister of External Affairs General VK Singh has performed a good coordination work during the evacuation of Indian nationals from strife-torn Yemen. However, his statements against media were uncalled for and not in good taste. He should avoid self-projection. He later clarified that ninety per cent of the media is which should clean up the rest.

Earlier Mr Singh’s actions with regards to his date of birth brought him into disrepute and also his judgment on fellow colleagues and juniors. He needs to be more polished in his verbal utterances and his countenance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is performing good work but he needs to curb his penchant for self-projection. We must have a couple of well designed and well operated nuclear power plants which will improve power generation. In fact, we must strive to become the most advanced country with regard to green electric power generation and efficient distribution. Youth must learn science and technology and upgrade their skills.

The next step is to look for availability of water. Steps must be taken to conserve water, recycle it through rain water harvesting. Let people say that India is a country which holds top position in water resource management. The government must implement these tasks instead of trying to find out why Jawaharlal Nehru government spied on the family members of freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose for two decades. They did what they could do at that time and now let us start working. None of us are either Nehru or Subhash Chandra Bose. When I was pursuing my Engineering degree from 1964-68 even educated persons were spreading rumours that Subhash Chandra Bose is alive and living in some “ Shaulmari Ashram”. There is a possibility that the government may have unveiled some information pertaining to this matter but may not have thoroughly investigated it.

Since both Nehru and Bose are no more in this world therefore there is no point in wasting time on such things. This debate will not increase agricultural production and improve the economic condition of the farmers. Military training must be imparted to candidates so that they can assist defense forces in disaster management operations. Television anchors must not give publicity to such worthless topics. They have a vital role to play in national development and must debate about burning issues.

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