Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Gorakhpur genocide

Whatever said and done, the health sector in UP has never improved since independence.  Hospitals are ill equipped to attend serious cases and due to lack of beds patients have to sleep in open space. Life saving medicines are not available and the patient’s life is always at peril in the so called government hospitals. Private hospitals loot money and there is no place for the common man there. Having lived in UP for over a decade I can very well imagin about the situation prevalent there. Life-saving oxygen was cut off in the midst of treatment. The dispute between the oxygen supplying agency and the hospital resulted in the large number of deaths. No one is responsible and such types of genocide is taking place time and again to upset the balance. The BJP government in UP is a failure so far and the largest state in the country needs to have direct control over centre as our PM contested from Varanasi and the disaster occurred in Gorakhpur. It is time to set aside the differences and all the parties should work for the welfare of the state. Several districts in UP are most backward and there is no proper government control in the nook and corner of the state. Health minister, hospital authorities and the Oxygen supplying agency all should be sacked once for all.

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