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Gosling lends ‘feminine energy’ in bromance with Crowe

Ryan Gosling Russell Crowe

Actor Ryan Gosling and his “The Nice Guys” co-star Russell Crowe, in an appearance as guests on “The Graham Norton Show”, spoke of their bromance.

“Ryan attracts a lot of young women,” Crowe began to say to cheers from the audience.

“But he’s in a committed relationship, so, you know, if they need a shoulder to cry on, a father figure.”

Gosling then proceeded to have a bit of fun at Crowe’s expense, joking that he is happy that there is female energy on the couch in the form of Jodie Foster, reports

“I’m just glad Jodie’s here honestly because we need a little feminine energy up in this situation,” the 35-year-old actor says of his dynamic with Crowe. “It’s been my job to provide that and I’m doing my best, but the well only goes so deep.”

“We’ve been through therapy. It’s been a long run,” Gosling added.

Gosling and Crowe will be guests on the show’s episode on Thursday.

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