Home City News Government increases aid for medical treatment from CM quota

Government increases aid for medical treatment from CM quota

Government increases aid for medical treatment from CM quota

The financial assistance provided by the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for medical treatment of the needy has been increased with the aid extended to cover more surgeries.

CM Devendra Fadanvis

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis made this announcement at Sahyadri state guest house after interacting with people on the occasion of 67th Republic Day yesterday, an official from the Chief Minister’s office said today.

“Now onwards, financial assistance will be provided for liver transplant, bone marrow transplant, heart transplant, implanting prosthetic organs and for costs arising out of keeping infants in Intensive Care Units (ICU),” he said.

“Until now, the maximum assistance that was provided for the needy from the CM’s Relief Fund for their medical expenses was Rs 2 lakh. This has now been increased to Rs 3 lakh,” the official added.

According to him, if the cost for liver, bone marrow and heart transplant is more than Rs 10 lakh, the government will chip in Rs 3 lakh for the purpose. “For implanting artificial limbs, the government will bear 50 per cent of the cost or Rs 1 lakh, which ever is lower. Similar will be the case for costs arising out of keeping a newborn in an ICU,” he said.

The official said, initially Rs 5,000 aid was provided for medical costs amounting to Rs 20,000 and the assistance was increased to Rs 10,000 in December 2014. For medical costs ranging between Rs 20,000-40,000, Rs 7,500 was initially given as an aid and this was later increased to Rs 15,000.

If the treatment costs was between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh, Rs 10,000 was provided as government aid and this was further increased to Rs 20,000. “Now, after revision, it has been decided that for treatment costs ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh, Rs 50,000 aid w ill be provided, or 50 per cent of the cost will be borne by the government, whichever is lesser,” he added.

Initially, Rs. 15,000 was provided as financial aid for medical costs ranging between Rs. 1-3 lakh, which was subsequently increased to Rs. 30,000. “For treatment costs ranging between 3-5 lakh, Rs. 20,000 was initially provided by the government. The amount was subsequently increased to Rs. 40,000. Now, 1.5 lakh will be provided as aid or 50 per cent of the cost will be borne by the government,” the official said.

The government initially provided an aid of Rs. 25,000 if treatment cost was over Rs. 5 lakh. This amount was subsequently increased to Rs. 50,000. Now, aid amounting to Rs. 2 lakh will be provided in such cases, he added.