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Government must focus on sustainable growth

In India, we require growth that can be sustained over a long period of time. Solar Energy can be used to generate electricity, cooking, heating and drying. Solar-powered electrical generating systems help you reduce your impact on the environment and save money at the same time! Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced at Wembley that the government will electrify 18,000 villages in 1000 days. He also added that there are several places in India which don’t have 24 hour power connectivity. The Indian prime minister said that by the year 2019, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, he would ensure that there was 24 hours of electricity all over the country. However does the government have any roadmap to achieve this objective? Modi has said that FDI into India has increased by 40 per cent since last year which shows the increasing global confidence in the country.

We need to have agricultural growth and industrial growth for boosting domestic consumption and augmenting exports. The government needs to ensure that the goods manufactured in the nation is of superior quality and cheaper than those available in foreign countries. For achieving this objective an amicable work environment is needed.

Modi also pointed out that even though UN existed for the past 70 years it has not been able to define terrorism. This is because of the fear that it might lead to “profiling and linking problem with any religious faith”. Even in India we have not been able to arrive at a consensus on what constitutes terrorism. Instead of waiting for acche din people must start working hard as the government can’t do everything. The government must take steps to provide training to youth so that they become employable. Even though India has large number of workforce below 30 years of age but many of them lack skills to survive in the modern world.

I have not heard Rajnath Singh talking about increasing agriculture even though he hails from agricultural background and knows more about it. The Modi government has failed to take steps to address the issue of farmer suicides. The government must provide financial assistance to farmers affected by drought. They must also waive off the loan taken by farmers and increase the minimum support price for crops.

Availability of water, conservation, recycling, avoiding waste are the things on which our government should act instead of unveiling statues of our social reformers on foreign land. If you like those leaders, you follow their ideals and practice them here in India or do you want UK citizens to follow them?

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