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Government must regulate NGO’s

Large number of NGO’s and social organizations are functioning in the country but it is a duty of the government to monitor the activities undertaken by them and probe about the source of funds received by them. Normally, it has been noticed that an organization keeps on doing its business and the government fails to notice until rape, murder or disappearance of some kids are being reported. Later on it has been found that the concerned organization has amassed huge wealth and property and also threatens to overpower the government.

The tragedy is that the party forming the government ends up seeking support of such organizations which have already become very powerful and unmanageable. Join them, if you can’t beat them becomes the obvious compulsion. Moral values take a back seat even in case of those parties professing pious conduct, free from corruption. Ruthless gangsterism then naturally transforms into criminality. It is such tendencies in the so-called social and cultural organizations that the government must curb in time.

Self-seeking PA’s should not misguide the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis who has the work cut out for him. Both the husband and wife seem to be clean and full of idealism combined by practical approach. I am sure that both of them will not fall prey to corruption. According to me, Fadnavis will perform better job instead of Modi because the latter has ventured into self-promotion activities. Delhi is full of wheeler dealers and crooks but Modi has so far not done anything to curb their activities and nullify their effect in corridors of the ministries.

Mumbai was much more honest 34-35 years back when tasks could be accomplished without paying any bribes. However, the situation has drastically changed as PAs to ministers (may be some of them) are accepting bribes and official files are being recovered from their residence. I still remember when I first arrived in Mumbai, I got my children admitted to SIES Matunga without paying anything except for a form with attached post card. We never had to make any extra payment at the ration office or for procuring the milk card. Things were much better then and let us hope Devendra brings back those good days.

Mumbai’s roads need urgent attention and simultaneously the garbage management. Garbage and sewage management is an art and science and the efforts of people involved in maintaining cleanliness must be recognized. Discipline in citizenry must be imposed and filthy display of wealth by media must be curbed. You can get any advertisement published in popular daily by paying money. Media should exercise rectitude because it is very influential and people look towards it for correct guidance.

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