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Govt allows export of biofuels from special economic zones, EoUs

The government has allowed export of biofuels from special economic zones (SEZs) and export-oriented units (EoUs) with certain conditions, according to a notice of the directorate general of foreign trade. In August 2018, the government imposed restrictions on the export of biofuels for non-fuel purposes.

After this restriction, exporters operating from SEZs and EoUs made representations to remove this prohibition stating they only use imported material for export of the final product.

They also informed government authorities that SEZ units have been granted a letter of approval for export of biofuels and EoU units have obligations to fulfil under an export promotion scheme.

“Considering the hardship faced by the trade community and the fact that production of biofuels in EoU/SEZ would be from the imported feedstock, therefore, it would not impact the domestic production/consumption. Hence, the restriction as applied to DTA (domestic tariff area) may not be extended to EoU/SEZ,” the DGFT notice said.

SEZs and EoUs are export-oriented units outside the ambit of domestic customs laws.

“Members of trade and industry are informed that export of biofuels for non-fuel purposes from EoU/SEZ will be regulated” under certain rules of SEZs and foreign trade policy,” it added.

It said that the feedstock for production of bio-fuel for export from these areas should be from imported sources only.

Bio-fuels include ethyl alcohol, petroleum oil, and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, bio-diesel and mixtures. Before August 2018, exports of these items were allowed without any restrictions.

Last year, the directorate had also imposed a restriction on import of biofuels including ethyl alcohol and other denatured spirits, bio-diesel, petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals other than crude.

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