Thursday, June 17, 2021
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Great speeches but no work

It is so disturbing, saddening and painful to see our citizens getting engaged in breaking and defacing statues.

It is so frightening that Sri Sri made such obnoxious statement and no reaction from either our dear honourable PM or the Mahamahim.

If I say please don’t break the statues, who will listen? Even you won’t print but if the highest authorities disapprove of it, it will carry weight. But sadly, this is not happening. I am tired of pleading for a two year national service before one becomes an MP, minister or an IAS.

BJP and RSS are spoiling the work culture and encouraging wrong tendencies in our youth for political gain. All this is going to harm the country.

Look at our Banking system. Unscrupulous people are freely misusing them. I clearly remember Arun Jaitleyji saying in Parliament that loans are not being waived but only being restructured. Why don’t we make a law that no loan more than 100 crores till at least half is payed back before bank gives more!

The duty of the government is to harness the energies of our youth for productive purposes. RSS and NITI Aayog should be doing this work through structured programmes.

The government, instead, is engaged in trying to establish own government by using obnoxious money power and eschewing moral principles (while giving pious lectures and talks!)

Print and TV journalists must rise to the occasion to correct such highly undesirable trends.


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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