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Growing incidents of rape cases

Incidents of rapes that we hear everyday, are a social malaise. An eight-year-old girl was found hanging from a tree at Nandakumar village in East Midnapore district, West Bengal. Reports said that the minor girl was sexually assaulted, murdered and then hanged from a tree. India figures third among top 10 countries where highest number of rape took place in 2010, while in cases of murder, the country was on the second spot in 2012.

The brutality associated with it is horrifying and the government and the society must do something about it. I was reading a popular daily where I read that a 20 year old youth was having sex with his girl friend for 39 months but she has gone to other town so he felt deprived. The doctor asked him to have “phone sex”. Such kinky specialists are responsible for promoting rapes. In fact, he may be thinking that some girls may approach him to gain expertise in phone sex.

There are several crooks who disguise themselves as psychologists and sexologists and they do more harm than good. He should have instead asked the youth to spend the separation period by improving his health and learn some employable skills. Pornography available on internet is a major cause of increasing rape cases, sex by consent is agreeable. Sex education should be imparted in schools/colleges not by regular teachers but female trained counselors who can provide better guidance to the youth.
The society in general is becoming unconcerned about this issue.

Even the neighbours don’t worry about each other and in this respect the “para” culture of West Bengal is much better. I myself had faced this problem when I needed to visit Delhi for work. However, I remained tension free because the “para” ( neighbours) looked after my young son by playing with him and looking after his safety. This is the reason women have remained much safer in Kolkata. The youth of the “ Para” will thrash you if you indulge in any mischief. If you go out with a girl even for a clean outing (sitting in park, talking and holding hands), they will confront you and ask you to marry the girl but this was more out of jealousy.

Swift prosecution and stiff punishment is the answer for many ills.
Inspectors must visit the schools more often to check about the suitability of teachers, arrange for their training, set up a system of reward and punishment. Parent-teacher interaction should be held on a regular basis.

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