Monday, August 2, 2021
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Growing intolerance in our society

These days we are witnessing episodes depicting lack of tolerance among citizens and politicians. This is not a good sign and it will hamper our economic and social development. Today youth have easy access to facebook and twitter but its misuse proves to be counterproductive for them. The government must take initiative to prevent provocative and pornographic posts on social media which is responsible for spreading unrest in the society. It’s the duty of the government to ensure that the state and the nation marches ahead on correct and desirable path which will pave way for peace and mutual goodwill. It is our aim to create a welfare state. The government must ensure that wealth is equally distributed among people. Steps must be taken to bridge the gap between the rich and poor.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is as important as the District magistrate. District magistrate is as important as district education officer or medical superintendent. A decision in this regard must be taken by the PM and his cabinet. The government must focus on providing good governance. The Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party is considering taking China’s help in fighting mosquitoes. The AAP government is mulling to send a team of experts to a small island in southern China where Genetically Modified (GM) mosquitoes are being used to reduce the population of dengue-causing ‘Aedes aegypti’ mosquitoes. The number of dengue cases in Delhi has mounted to a staggering 10,683, making it the worst outbreak of the vector-borne disease in the national capital since 1996. The deadly virus, however, had claimed over 420 lives, nearly 20 years ago, while the casualty count for this year stands at 41. The Health Department of Delhi government also says the current year is facing the worst dengue crisis after the 1996 outbreak.

India is taking most of its ships to China for Dry docking and repairs but not has failed to increase its indigenous capacity. We do not have a decent passenger ship under the Indian flag. Who will take responsibility for this?

Youth must agitate but for a good cause. The government must seek the assistance of foreign companies to impart skill training to youth. Even though youth are educated but they lack employable skills.

Khadi and Village industries commission is offering various practical courses. Youth must join them and later on set up their own enterprises. The government must take steps to curtail the rising population which has become a huge cause of concern. Steps must be taken to dissuade people from owning private vehicles. The number of parking lots must be increased in the city. Hefty parking fees must be imposed on vehicle owners and the money generated through it can be used to augment the public transport system. Television channels must highlight these issues instead of airing irrelevant shows.

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