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GSTN seeks taxpayers’ feedback on filing experience

To make the biggest technology backbone for tax filing more convenient, GST Network (GSTN) has started conducting surveys by calling up taxpayers enquiring about their experience on the portal.

GSTN Chairman Ajay Bhushan Pandey said about 500 calls a day are made from a full-fledged call centre seeking feedback from businesses which have filed returns.

“In the GST system, we constantly keep on collecting feedback from the public. We also do survey everyday and proactively call business which have filed returns. We ask for their experience and where they had difficulty,” Pandey said.

GSTN, the company building the IT backbone for the biggest indirect tax reform, had in June opened a call centre and publicised the helpline number for taxpayers with enrolment related queries.

Some staffers from this centre have been assigned to get feedback of taxpayers who are filing returns and paying taxes on the portal. “This GSTN system is a new system and people need to get used to this. So to that extent we have to be alive to the problems faced by businesses and their experiences and how we can better their experience. At this time our whole priority is to address the current problems and make the things very smooth,” Pandey said.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) was rolled out from July 1.

Monthly returns filed by an average over 50 lakh businesses for July, August and September show that revenues to the tune of Rs 95,000 crore, over Rs 90,000 crore and over Rs 92,150 crore respectively have been accrued to the exchequer.

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