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Has development taken a backseat today?

India has made immense progress in science, technology and biotechnology etc. People claim that our nation is going to become the next super power of the world, and will surpass America. All these might look good on paper but the reality is something different. For becoming a superpower, India has a long way to go and it’s a process and not a destination. Our leaders are so busy pursuing their own interests that they seldom think about the country’s development. To make matters worse most of them lack political will and vision which can take the nation forward.

If you have observed today, regionalism has taken centre stage at every election and politicians are ignoring the interests of the country at large. Whenever any election is announced, political parties come and start demanding separate states to be carved out of the existing ones. The protests for Telangana, Gorkhaland, Vidharbha and many others are the best examples of regionalism.

Casteism is another menace which has dominated the Indian politics since independence. Our society since ages was divided with castes comprising upper and lower castes. In the earlier days the person belonging to the backward caste was harassed by the upper castes. To change this situation and bring the backward caste into the mainstream society some seats were reserved for them in the parliament, education and jobs. Even though it was a good move but these days each and every political party has started talking about reservations for grabbing the votes of a particular community. Leaders obsession with caste never seems to end as they have asked the centre to include it in the census.

Corruption is another menace which has affected the country like cancer. Sociologists say that India can’t progress unless it follows a transparent model of governance. While driving, if you were caught by the RTO for lack of driving licence you pay bribe to official and escape the punishment. Secondly, in case you want to get your son admitted in a prestigious college, you will pay lumpsum money as donation. Even the PDS system meant for distribution of essential commodities to the poor doesn’t reach them as the shopkeepers sell them at open market prices. It took us almost 10 years to construct a metro. This shows the bureaucratic attitude of the government and red tapism. For procuring a license you will have to bribe the government officials as corruption has become a social evil.

You may have observed that, politicians announce welfare schemes only at the time of elections. Public meetings are only held at the time of elections. Most of the policies announced by the government are populist for grabbing a large chunk of votes of the poor people. The tax payer’s money is wasted by government to subsidise social security schemes which only look good in paper as most of them fail to reach the needy. The government is only worried about grabbing the votes of the people and not worried about their development.

When it comes to disasters and tragedies, the opposition leaves no stone unturned to grab political mileage by blaming the ruling party for the incidents. This means they are only called as opportunists and take advantage of the situation by holding the ruling party responsible for such incidents. The opposition should act responsibly and must not indulge in politics.

Politicians lack moral values, honesty and integrity and don’t own any responsibility for their acts. They are only worried about their position and don’t think about the nation’s welfare. Name any politician today whom you can idolize. Most of them are only minting money by attending page three parties or sell states of high profile institutions or involved in scandals. Today governance has taken a backseat and politics and regionalisms have taken precedence. Leaders must work for the development of the country and not waste tax payer’s money. Unless and until our politicians don’t reform politics and work towards the welfare of nation we won’t be able to fulfill our dream of becoming a super power.

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