Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Health care services for the poor

Wealth must be created but it must be invested in social sectors like free health care and providing meaningful education. I will repeat, power in sinews, skill in the fingers, a smile on the face that always lingers. If you watch television, the youth are not able to articulate correctly. They must say “Hamare haanthon ko kutch kaam sikhado, rojgar hum swayam bana lenge”. Every body seems to say, give me a secure job. Few days back, I heard some job aspirants appearing for bank P.O. examination saying that state bank job is better as there is lesser work while work pressure is more in private banks.

The government must say, we will provide skill training to you and you will bring good days yourselves. They can’t do much work now as Lok Sabha election is not round the corner. Time has come to make them accountable. There is shortage of electricians in our country. Therefore the government must start offering training to 1000 youth. They can also seek the assistance of trainers from foreign countries but the objective is to create skilled work force.

The government wants to set up AIIMS but will doctors practice in villages or tehsils? Instead training must be imparted to youth for two years which will enable them to prescribe medicine for common ailments, carry out simple surgeries. For major illness they can refer to city doctors. You don’t need specialists for village level health centres. “Compounder saheb davai banaye dihin hamka, aab hum theek hoi gaye”.

Why should you go very far for treatment? Dr Naik who stays near Antop hill charges only Rs 40 including checking the throat, blood pressure, fever plus medicine. He will not charge any money. If you go for second visit then he will charge only if medicine is to be repeated. Maintaining cleanliness, moderate wages, strict discipline, high ranking technological achievement is necessary for achieving good governance.

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