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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Health risks of sedentary lifestyle

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Yoga, Health is wealth, Yoga healthSedentary lifestyle is known as type of lifestyle where an individual does not receive regular amount of physical activity. This type of lifestyle appears to have a negative impact on the mental well being of an individual. Today lifestyle of people has undergone a tremendous change. People spend more hours in the office in front of computers. Many of them sit on their desk for a long period of time and seldom get up. Due to rising traffic, people commute for long hours in their vehicles for reaching their workplaces. After reaching home they watch television. Australian researchers reported that each hour spent watching television is linked to 18 per cent increase in the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Children are glued to their mobile phones as they seldom indulge in physical activities. Sitting for long periods is associated with worse health outcomes including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer. Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of dying either from heart disease or other medical problem.

Doctors say that people should take short break from their work. Health professionals say that people should walk 10000 steps a day (approximately 5 miles) is the ideal goal to be set for improving health. People should wake up and make an effort to move every hour. Instead of sending emails to colleagues they can meet them at their desk. For every 20 minutes of sitting people should try to stand for eight minutes and move around for two minutes. Three to five minutes walk throughout the workday can reverse the harm caused to peripheral arteries in the legs by prolonged sitting. Instead of sitting around a conference table people should try walking meetings.

Studies have found that activities like stair climbing burn more calories than jogging. If people sit for a long period of time they should make it a point to stand up at least every 20 minutes. They can set a remainder on calendar or phone to keep a track of their physical activities. It is better to opt for a standing desk, a treadmill desk or fitness ball seat. People can perform other tasks like sweeping the floor, taking out garbage, vaccum cleaning. Engaging in physical activity after eating helps reduce blood pressure as well as the risk of developing insulin resistance. While watching a movie people can utilise the commercial break time to move around. Breaking up the screen time whether be it television computer, tablet or phone, will help reduce the amount of time they spend on sedentary each day. They can go to the playground and run or undertake gardening activities. Gardening is not only mentally stimulating but many people find it an enjoyable way to stay active.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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