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Here is how much Modi has damaged India! — Part II

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The Modi government handed over two public airports to the Adani group who has no experience in managing airports. It also favoured the union’s ordinance that allows a private company to use the Aadhaar database for profits in the absence of a data protection law, even after the Rajya Sabha not passing the legislation and the Lok Sabha session has already ended.

The government released a notification to introduce a new (13-point) roster system for the appointments in public funded universities and colleges would deny ‘socially and educationally backward classes’ equal opportunities to which Dalits and OBCs protested widely against it across the nation for months. It was also reported that PM Modi has involved Anil Ambani in the Rafale jet deal so that he could be benefitted and his business could revive. Rahul Gandhi has been alleging both Modi and Ambani for the scams in the jet deal. The documents regarding the Rafale deal was also stolen from the Defence Ministry for which Prime Minister Narendra Modi was highly criticised and also blamed for being behind the theft of the files.

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Modi has taken India to hell in the last five years. In Kashmir, he has let free a routine of total fear dependent on zero resilience for political contradiction. Today, there are no aggressors in Kashmir, just fear based oppressors who are being chased down and killed without being allowed to surrender. PM Modi said that the Kashmiris are tingling to be liberated from them. That obviously is the reason that a large number of youth emptied out into the avenues and had the capacity to shut down the entire of Kashmir for five months – three years ago. What standard and dissenter pioneers have clarified, more than once is that while they need ‘Azadi’ from India, they would prefer not to turn into a piece of Pakistan. Nor would they like to separate their connections with India. All they need isn’t to be administered by Delhi, particularly on issues concerning their governmental, culture, and religion issues.

Today, standard and dissident pioneers are mad in their supplications for the resumption of political discourse with Delhi on the grounds that the nonattendance of exchange and PM’s sole dependence on the firearm is driving the adolescent relentlessly towards Pakistan, and more towards al-Qaeda and ISIS. PM Modi, just to satisfy the guarantees, made to restrict pioneers from Kashmir, to examine any arrangement inside the Indian protected system, for Kashmir to begin quieting down. In any case, he is bound and determined against this in light of the fact that a readiness to consult with a neighbourhood government or development goes against the very grain of the hard country express that PM Modi needs to change his approach towards everything concerns with the harmony of the nation.

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PM Modi took a pledge in 2015 that he would serve to ‘Maa Ganga’ and end her misery by cleaning her, however, the project got lost. Many social environmentalists have sacrificed their lives on hunger strikes to clean River Ganges but the government still seems to be in deep sleep. On one side, Modi campaigned for his Prime Ministerial candidacy in 2014 with quotes like ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’ and on the other side, BJP leaders were trying, favouring their best to save the rape accused of Kathua and Unnao rape and murder case. Apart from this, BJP leaders threatened the Indian girl students to wear western clothes, beaten up Banaras Hindu University (BHU) students with the help of local police, made inhuman and grave remarks on Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati. 

Union Minister Jayant Sinha legitimised hatred and violence by felicitating the lynching convicts. When seven convicts of lynching Muslims and Dalits walked out on bail in July last year, six of them were directly taken to Sinha’s residence where the minister welcomed them with a garland. If a community which has suffered the most under the BJP government then it’s Muslims, Dalits, and then the farmers of India who run the country on their shoulder. The suicide of the farmers rose sharply during the Modi regime. The government imported wheat and pulses which crashed the price of domestic productions. The farmers through all the manners tried to grab the attention of the government. They started movements, marched hundreds of kilometres on foot and held agitations across the nation many times.

However, instead of getting the attention of the BJP government, they were lathi-charged by police, and the politicians neglected them; in anger, many farmers committed suicides during the movements. Apart from using every means to generate and grab vote bank, BJP has also supported and promoted those people who killed rationalists, objective journalist, Muslim minorities, Dalits and everyone who went against the BJP decision-making. It supported rapists and people who abused Congress, Gandhi family. It gave the term Love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi, Presstitute, and Hindu nationalism. The damage BJP has done to this country will take time to repair.

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