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Homeopaths can prescribe allopathic medicines

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Even homeopathy doctors are charging Rs 500 as consultation fees. I was taking homeopathic medicines for some months from a doctor based at Mahakali road, Andheri (E). He will not prescribe medicines unless you follow the diet chart opted by you since last seven days. He will not be pleased to find that you had tea in the morning and may even refuse to prescribe medicine if he notices coffee on the diet chart. He also says that if I had apple in the afternoon then I would only derive 50 per cent benefit out of it. On the other hand, if I consume the fruit in the morning, I would have derived 90 per cent of its goodness.

Even though many homeopaths practicing in smaller towns are not highly qualified but they possess huge experience in dispensing homeopathic medicines and also have good clientele. I believe good homeopaths will not prefer prescribing allopathic medicines, barring of course Paracetamol and many other common drugs. There is a possibility that homeopaths might start prescribing medicines for heart ailment, diabetes, cancer and even start performing operations.

Today, many homeopaths can’t even give an injection or conduct blood tests. They cannot interpret test results amicably.
I met a young lady homeopath in central Mumbai few years ago who charged 500 rupees for fees and equivalent amount for pill prescription for 15 days. She said some “ chamatkar” will happen to me. I mostly suffer from only one ailment like bad throat and sneezing due to seasonal viral and my neighbourhood doctor prescribes 3 to 4 types of coloured tablets. He was practicing from Jaslok hospital. Homeopathy is good for those persons whose system is pure and who do not consume alcohol and have too much spicy food. Potency of the medicine is very important and here the difference between the good and poor homeopath is visible.

My personal opinion is that homeopaths should not be permitted to practice allopathy because there is possibility of widespread misuse of the profession. This happens due to the compulsions of coalition politics. NCP is trying to create a constituency. The matter should be referred to the High Court where it will be nullified definitely. Homeopaths are prescribing common allopathic medicines even today (forget a homeopath, even I can prescribe some of those). However, it is unjustified to grant permission to them for prescribing allopathic medicines after completing a one year course. Who will monitor this course? Several colleges exist in marine field where a candidate can visit in the morning, pay fees and obtain a certificate in the evening for a 5 or 6 day course. The High court should take suo-moto cognizance and punish those cabinet ministers who supported this decision.

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