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How many ‘Pakistanis’ arrested at border, asks Trump

During a tour to the southern border in Texas, US President Donald Trump asked the law enforcement officials that how many Pakistanis were arrested this week who were trying to illegally enter America whereas in the reply he was told that the individuals from several South Asian nations attempted to cross the porous with Mexico.

Trump asked the question when a law enforcement official briefed him on the security situation on the border and listed out the name of the countries whose citizens were nabbed at the border a day earlier.

So far this sector has apprehended people from 41 different countries. Just yesterday, we apprehended 133 people from countries other than Central America and Mexico. That includes individuals from India. We apprehended some Pakistanis and Romanians, the law enforcement official told Trump.

“How many Pakistanis?” Trump asked, interrupting the law enforcement official. It was two yesterday, the border security official told the President. Texas Senator John Cornyn, who was standing there along with Trump, said that the nationals of many countries are exploiting the vulnerabilities at the US-Mexico border. Senator Ted Cruz was also present at the briefing.

Trump travelled to the US-Mexico border to have a firsthand assessment of the crisis at the international border which has been experiencing a large flow of illegal immigrants who are mostly from Central Asian nations.

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