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I am waiting for Law to do justice; I don’t want twitter justice: Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga

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Further he said I have no ego, else I would have tweeted in the same manner, by posting screen shorts and abuses, and I respect her as girl and care for the privacy. I never insisted her to meet me, it is she who approached me and I agreed to meet her. I went to her house for lunch met her parents and some volunteers who support BJP. We were normal friends and I didn’t even know what cast she belongs, I respect everyone equally. My only mistake is that in two woman’s fight, I was asked to defend Jwala and that I refused.

Whereas Jwala said she is undergoing lot of stress and she wants Bagga to be punished for harassing her. When asked about kind of harassment, she said Bagga wanted to sleep with her and when she denied him entry at home, he kept on calling her whole night. (As date and time she did not mentioned to me) .

There is on-going confrontation between two BJP supporters and Prime Minister Narendra Modi follows both on twitter. They knew each other through twitter as BJP supporters then became friends and then rifted on bad notes dragging each other to legal clutches and social embracement.

Jwala Gurunath is doctor, passed out MBBS in 2007 from R.G.U.H.S University; she is daughter of Gurunath C and Chandrama. C.Gurunath, former minister, who had identified himself with the All-India Janata Dal (AIJD) later on he, planned to joined Janata Dal (S), but due to the death of his brother in Saudi the decision (on his joining the JD-S) was postponed. later on he Joined  B.S. Yeddyurappa & contested on his party ticket. Jwala supports BJP and Narendra Modi and she claims that she is on twitter for him.

Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga is New Delhi-based nationalist who supports right-wing organizations, a twitter celebrity and staunch Narendra Modi fan. He is the one who physically attacked Prashant Bhushan due to his controversial statement on the Kashmir issue. Those days Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray, praised Bagga and group. Thackeray issued statement saying “No mercy should be shown to the people who advocate the division of the country. Bagga was also involved in a violent protest against Arundhati Roy during the release of her collection of essays, named as Broken Republic. Bagga came to limelight with violence and attacks on various leftists celebrities. He formed a group called Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, and gradually became campaigner for BJP leaders in LokSabha elections; he came up with various innovative brandings for Modi, and became one of the celebrity figures on social network. Personally I know him for years now but he was always humble and respectful.

We spoke to some Netizens over this on-going fight here’s what they had to say:

@nayanchandra: “When I not agreed for something, Jwala accused me of doing conspiracy against her. It is really difficult to understand some people on Social Network so I always refrain getting dragged into unwanted politics. She should have mutually settled this issue. When we fighting for single cause & for a change India, this kind of silly accusing & taking benefit of outdated weak laws to falsely implement someone is really disgusting, but in this particular case I stand with Tajinder Bagga.

Some Netizen on Anonymity said, “The rival used Jwala to their benefit and created a monster in her which is uncontrollable. Issue was not that big but now situation got out of hand.

@BJPLucknowBJP: Stupid ego issues, which turned into political hashtag war. Never mix personal life with politics. Congress is pouring fuel in the fire by making it worst.

@Rajput_Ramesh: It is really sad that two good friends and Namo supporters are fighting publicly. The fight was started with misunderstanding and fueling by morons. When there is a common goal and ideology such ugly fights are disheartening and it gives opponents to wag their tongues and have fun at our expense. In-short very sad with the happenings.

@SureshNakua: This is a Textbook example of  misuse of SC/ST Act. Just because Tajinder refused to take her side in a Twitter fight, Jwala is doing all this drama. I have known Tajinder for years and stand by him.

Excerpts from telephonic interview with Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga.

How you look at the entire scenario?

Things would be sorted out soon and my innocence would be proven as I have not done any wrong, but Congress members should stop instigating her by playing dirty to their political advantage. She is a girl and also a BJP supporter, I care for her dignity the most.

What kind of relation you shared with Jwala?

There was nothing as such any relation, we were just normal friends or rather acquaint.

When did you both met first and what was it all about?

On my visit to Bangalore, Jwala knew I was visiting the city and she insisted me to meet up with the volunteers to whom I agreed, we met the volunteers there, and further she took me to her home where we had lunch and then I returned to the airport very same day.
Since then we were in touch on phone calls, WhatsApp chat, like I chat with all other people usually.

How did the whole matter start?

We last had telephonic conversation on 24-25 December 2015, in which Jwala said, she has sent me some screenshots of her twitter fight happening between her and Jhunjunwala, and asked me to defend her. I repudiate on defending her looking at her language and it did not seem right for me to intervene into someone else’s fight. Since then, Jwala took onto twitter to defame me on all manners, from calling me a goon of prashant bhushan, to characterless person.

What will be your further steps now?

On 5th Feb, some police officers came to my house, I told them I have been co-operating with the authorities why was the need to visit my house? The officer told me “nothing is in our hand; our commissioner has received orders from Home Ministry to intervene in this matter.”

I am clear on my stands and would co-operate with the official handling the case in every manner. I have provided them with the all my screenshot and data with text messages.

I have clarified my side to police and also assured them needed cooperation, even if needed I don’t mind to travel to Bangalore.

What has Jwala written into her FIR?

She has stated in her FIR that, “while we met in Bangalore, Bagga asked me to spend one night with me, to which I refused.”
Further she has stated, “Arvind Kejriwal insulted PM Modi, I wanted to trend against Kejriwal, BJP IT cell did not support me.” And “Nupur Jhunjunwala trolled me on twitter.”

I was not in touch with Bagga regarding this case, hence I called him but Bagga on phone abused me calling, “a lower class and schedule cast person.”

She has also mentioned that, “I have forgiven Bagga for all his earlier mistakes, but I will not tolerate someone abusing me on my cast.”
To which Bagga explained, “Why will I abuse her cast? Moreover I was really unaware of her cast until she filed an FIR against me.”

I never publicized the screenshots of our chats because that was personal and I believe if someone puts her trust on me and tells something very personal, I should not make it public and that is what exactly what Jwala did.

To conclude with Tajender Pal Bagga said, “I am ready to face every legal battle, I believe the justice system and I will come out clean, I don’t want twitter justice or any sympathy on twitter. I have lot of follower they barge into conversation uninvitedly because they all love me, but Jwala thinks it is me who is asking everyone to troll her, which I never did.”

The day I come out clean things will unfold. Those who are supporting me will be there till the end; those accusing me on twitter won’t care even if I publish evidences, hence I am refraining from doing so”.

I do not render any explanation to such people because I am waiting for the law to deliver justice.

(Sections in the Atrocity case filled by Jwala Gurunath in KSL Police Station against Tajinder Bagga under sections – 3(1)(11) 66A of IT Act)

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