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I don’t want my Next-generation of Latur to migrate in search of livelihood: Nilangekar

 Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar, latur, Food and Civil Supply, Customer Protection, Skill Development and Ex-Servicemen Welfare Minister of Maharashtra Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar was “Guest Editor” to Afternoon Voice on Tuesday 20th August. While speaking to editorial staff in his interaction session, he expressed his urge to see his next generation of Latur and its surrounding area not to migrate in search of livelihood. He believes that education is at its best in his region and the youth deserves better opportunities in his constituency. He also stated that the youths of this region are brilliant; eight students out of ten are passing with distinction. Right now he will focus on bringing jobs for them by introducing various projects in Latur.

When asked how many marks he will give to Devendra Fadnavis government for its performance during last five years, he told, “ I will give eight out of ten on the performance of Devendra Government but those two points I hold for scope of development, as it’s an ongoing process.”

He also penned down a beautiful edit on “why he loves PM Modi and his working style.” Nearly two hours he spent on edit desk interacting with the editorial team. Also expressed his views on various issues and shared his experiences with them. He said, “I am working for the BJP because I love the basic ideology of the party and my grandfather was working for Congress. There is huge difference in our beliefs.  But one thing that he has learned from his grandfather is to connect with people, give them quality time and listen to their grievances.”

Sambhaji is also the General Secretary of BJP Maharashtra. In June 2019, CM Devendra Fadnavis allotted him Food and Civil Supplies, Consumer Protection, Skill Development and Ex-Servicemen Welfare Department’s Ministry.

Sambhaji is a rising star of BJP in the state. He joined politics after his father’s death. He is a rebellion and fought his first election against his grandfather and defeated him. Sambhaji then formed his own political party the Nilanga Vikas Aghadi, and later on joined BJP and is following the path of PM to make India a skilled force.

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