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I don’t want to return to state politics, Parliamentar Board to decide CM face in UP: Rajnath Singh

The BJP Parliamentary Board will take a final decision on whether to project someone as Chief Ministerial candidate for the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh scheduled to be held early next year, senior party leader and Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday.

Rajnath Singh-AV
“As of now, there is no discussion at all in the Parliament Board (on the issue of Chief Ministerial candidate in UP). When the time will come, the Parliamentary Board will discuss and decide on it,” he said.

Singh said the party will take a decision depending on the situation.

When pointed out that BJP got power in Assam where it had declared a Chief Ministerial candidate and lost in Bihar polls where nobody was projected for the top job, Singh said despite not declaring a CM candidate, the party won Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand.

There has been speculation that the party may project Singh, a former Chief Minister, as BJP’s face in assembly elections in UP.

Singh himself, however, ruled out returning to the state politics saying there are many capable leaders who can be Chief Ministerial candidate.

Asked about his personal opinion whether the BJP should project someone as CM candidate, Singh said he will place his view before the Parliamentary Board.

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