Friday, September 17, 2021
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Impressive comeback by Rahul Gandhi

After returning from a two month long sabbatical, Rahul Gandhi gave a much improved performance by holding Kisan rally and targeting the Modi government in Parliament which is laudable. In Bollywood parlance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now started overacting and becoming indecently loud. He talks of Make in India campaign but sports designer suits, shawl and shoes. This is nothing but unabashed self promotion and is quite unbecoming of an Indian PM. There is need for the government to put in good work on the ground by studying the problems, discussing them, finding foreign collaboration and making sure that the work starts and is completed on time.

Too much time is wasted on holding discussion pertaining to the Land Acquisition Bill. Does the government mean to say that it will be acquiring land 24×7 for the entire year? When the time comes to acquire a land the government must interact with local residents, negotiate and study the social impact. They must convince the land owner the reasons behind land acquisition and commence work as soon as possible by imparting training to the locals and also offer them rehabilitation package. It is so simple. The government is needlessly complicating the matter.

Plenty of barren land is available in many states across the country. The government must seek assistance from corporates to develop the land and provide compensation to the project affected persons. The Congress has accused the Modi government of being pro-rich and anti-farmer. The party added that the government is only trying to weaken the original bill by amending it.

The government seems to be in a hurry to get the legislation passed by hook or crook and is trying to take opposition into confidence. The government could instead develop land banks available with the defense department and the railways.

Why should the government construct too many hospitals when several primary health centres needs to be upgraded and is facing shortage of qualified doctors and paramedics? Several schools already exist in villages and towns which need improvement vis-à-vis infrastructure and faculty. Pay attention to that.

I have mentioned several times about the need for distributing compensation on the spot to the debt ridden farmers with the assistance of village and tehsil level administration. Local MLA, gram panchayat are more aware about the ground realities instead of the central or state government. There is a need for decentralization of power which will speed up decision making process and eliminate bureaucratic hurdles.

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