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Friday, September 22, 2023
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In India we assume we are talented, don’t learn acting, says SRK

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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan says he wants his daughter Suhana to learn the craft of acting before venturing into films as he does not want her to simply assume that she is talented.

Shah Rukh says Suhana came on the sets of his latest “Zero” and observed how things function.

“She came on sets because learning acting has a lot to do with spending time on the sets and learning production. She did the same in London and while she was here.

“She said she still has two weeks to go back to London and we were shooting a song for ‘Zero’ in the coming two weeks. So she came here to have that experience,” Shah Rukh said in a group interview.

The “Raees” star said he wanted his daughter to observe a film set, including his co-stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, and learn the nuances.

“I wanted her to see Anushka and Katrina perform live as both are such different kind of actors. Katrina has her own charm and Anushka has her own way of enacting things. So I wanted her to spend time (on sets). So what they did is they put her onto me as an assistant director.

“But I think ground experience is good for actors or any kind of job, only as an internship. But you have to finish your education first. If you have the opportunity to study, it formalises and makes your craft better. So, I want her to study first for some time.”

Shah Rukh says Suhana will train for three-four years more, doing plays and theatres.

“In India, I think we don’t learn acting, we just assume that we are talented. Like if you drive very first, it first mean you are going to become a Formula 1 driver. You’ll have to finally learn it. So I want her to have a formal training in acting. The experience matters a lot,” he added.

“Zero” is scheduled to release on this Friday.

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