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In North Sikkim 300 yaks starve to death due to heavy snowfall

Heavy snowfall has been occurring in North Sikkim district for the last six months. Due to this the area is experiencing a shortage of fodder for animals. Subsequently, nearly 300 yaks have died due to starvation in the district. The North Sikkim District Magistrate Raj Yadav has confirmed the death of yaks.

He said that since December 2018 heavy snowfall occurred in Mukuthang and Yumthang regions. The district administration has taken several steps for the safety of people but many cattle died due to starvation. Yadav said on Saturday that while carcasses of around 250 yaks were found in Mukuthang region, 50 yak carcasses were found in Yumthang recently.

The District Magistrate said, “It appears that these dead yaks had got nothing to eat during the prolonged period of snowfall. After the reports of the death of yaks, the Animal Husbandry Department’s medical team has reached Mukuthang.”

He said that the team carried feed and fodder for the yaks which are still alive. The medical team will also examine the health of remaining yaks. Dead yaks belonged to 15 families in Mukuthang and 10 families in Yumthang. He announced that the affected families will get compensations on the basis of a report that is being prepared by the district administration and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

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