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In Pakistan’s Lahore, school attacked after teacher ‘rapes’ student

A school was attacked by angry locals in Lahore city of Pakistan during a protest against sexual assault on an eight-year-old boy by his teacher and the boy’s subsequent disappearance.

Police reached the school on Tuesday as the protestors’ gathering swelled and they intensified the agitation, Dawn online reported.

A teacher in the school sexually assaulted a boy and fled from the scene. When the boy’s parents found their child too was missing, they called more people who attacked the school.

They also beat up the school security guard and chanted slogans against the boy’s assaulter as well as the management.

When police tried to disperse them, the protestors pelted stones at them. Police retaliated by charging at the crowds with batons.

The situation remained tense for a few hours and more police deployments were called as the protestors attempted to set fire to the school, an eyewitness said.

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