Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Is India battle ready?

Shocking thing has come to light that the bodies of seven of our Jawans who died in the helicopter accident at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, were wrapped in plastic sheets and then stuffed into Cartons. The Army is saying that there were no body bags or coffins at the site. If there are no coffins then body bags are used to transport the bodies. But this was not done in this case as reported by retired Lt. General Punag. Why was there no preparedness for this crisis? India is developing but seeing what has happened in the context of the Jawans, it must be said that the Army has to really pull up its socks and change from the very bottom. We are always saying that the Army is prepared for fighting the enemy. But a country which makes the unforgiveable mistake in handling the dead bodies of its soldiers cannot be said to battle ready. Battle preparedness has many constituents other than arms and ammunition. And these things have to be looked into by the centre when the Army makes its demand for these units. Four units of the developmental agenda can take a back seat but the demands of the Army have to be met. Else the weak links will be exposed through the incidents of accidents. These weak links will be spoken of for some time and then stop. This has to stop and for this swift action has to be taken.

Jayesh Rane

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