Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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India should be more focused on development

The fuss over the releases of the film ‘Padmavat’ is unwarranted and this is a new way of creating controversy before a film release to guarantee its success at the box office. Films should purely be judged by its entertainment content and audience are mature enough to realise which part of history was correctly or incorrectly portrayed in the film. You have tobacco warnings on the pack of cigarettes and it is left to the consumers to decide if they want to smoke or not.
History cannot be changed and even if makers of the films decide to twist facts, the best way to punish them is to boycott watching such films than by indulging in agitations that offer free publicity and helps producers earn lakhs of millions of rupees in the bargain. We have a censor board in our country which certifies films. Let us trust them as it is an independent body doing its job. The audience are the best judge and let it be left to them to watch the film or not. We should not waste precious time on film debates but debate on other pressing problems our country is facing like unemployment, inflation, corruption etc. which stalls our nation’s development and progress!

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