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India needs to change its Attitude — Today it’s Narang; tomorrow it can be you

What kind of government and police we have in our country, where everyone bakes bread after you one dies but no one is bothered when person is threatened or hackled to death.  Minutes before a group of men attacked Pankaj Narang with sticks and cricket bats, Pankaj was trying to call the police control room (PCR), but the phone line was engaged. He wanted to tell the police that he had an argument with two men on a motorcycle, and one of them had threatened him of dire consequences. Narang, a resident of Vikaspuri, then decided to go to the Janakpuri District Centre, where PCR vans are usually stationed. But there were no PCR vans there at that time.

The incident took place on Wednesday late night following which eight persons, including four juveniles, were apprehended. Narang had a heated argument with two men on a motorcycle and one of them had threatened him of dire consequences. After that, he started making calls to PCR, but their line was busy. He decided to approach the PCR van at Janakpuri District Centre, but there was no van there. By the time he came back home, the group of men had started pelting his house with stones. They attacked him outside his house and dragged him for nearly 20 meters.

One of the two persons who are prime accused in the case turned out to be a juvenile. The second has been identified as one Naseer. According to police, Narang was taking a walk outside his residence last night when the juvenile and Naseer brushed him on their motorcycle. That led to a scuffle and the duo left the spot abandoning the motorbike there. However, they returned later accompanied by around a dozen more persons and allegedly attacked the dentist with sticks and rods at his residence. They also thrashed people who came to his rescue. Local residents had come out on their balconies and terraces to see what was happening, none of them came forward to help. The victim’s wife and sister were crying and screaming for help… but none of their neighbors helped them.

While locals called police at around 12-AM that night, the alleged assailants had fled before they arrived on the scene. Narang, who sustained a deep wound to his skull, was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Narang was brutally assaulted by a group of men in front of his family members and his little son. He had multiple fractures in his skull, his eyes were swollen, and he was bleeding from his nose. Before he could be shifted to the operation theatre, he suffered a cardiac attack.

The anger, outrage, and collective soul-searching we’ve seen in the wake of young father brutal attack in Delhi have only been magnified by his death. There was protest on social media and anger was expressed, every political party reached Narang’s house to bake bread, but still no one is serious in improving Delhi’s condition as far as human life is concerned.  While there were some voices debating seriously the roots of violence against this doctor on the other hand many on Twitter and Facebook — called for extreme punishment. One grisly placard captured by a journalist in Delhi called for the public dismemberment.

Soon after Narang’s death there was another issue and news that changed headlines and with headlines people to shifted their focus from Doctor’s death. We the people, we are political slaves, we believe in ideology, politicians and religious grudges more than humanity and human lives. With such attitude, no one will reach to justice. Today it’s Narang and tomorrow it can be you… mind it!

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