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India should develop inland waterways

There is a boat shown with the article by Suhel Seth in a popular paper, let such boats ply in our river from Varanasi to Patna and to Dakshineshwar at Howrah. It is a beautiful article worth reading. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in a function that India had good plastic surgeons in ancient times, the race is to connect every thing to ancient India.

It is necessary and desirable that we value our heritage but not go overboard. Recently, we listened to some illuminating discussions pertaining to inland waterways development and it’s integration with the coastal shipping at an exhibition held by FICCI in Goregaon. We must take steps to control the rising population. We have to strive for improving centre-state relations. We compare our nation with European countries but lesser number of local elections is held there. Moreover, there is no regional conflicts there and low density of population.

Since India is a densely populated nation hence there is massive vehicular here. There is huge air pollution in Mumbai due to huge vehicular traffic. We need to promote public transport and drastically curtail privately owned motor vehicles. Even though there is large number of vehicles but there is minimal parking space in the city. There is too much talk and too little work. The BJP heavily relies on Modi for winning every election and now we see a “Tu Tu – Main Main” (allegations and counter allegations) between Modi and Kejriwal.

I have opposed AAP right from day one. However, considering the present scenario, largely created by the Congress, there is no choice except to back AAP for the sake of having an opposition. The Congress is not working effectively and is dependent on a non performing leader like Rahul Gandhi. He is a moody leader and public will not accept it. If Congress wants to revive itself then it should project a more capable young leader. The BJP’s decision to announce the name of Kiran Bedi as Chief Ministerial candidate has made party workers and senior leaders unhappy. According to them she is an outsider and they are not keen to take orders from her. Bedi’s elevation as a chief ministerial candidate will break the morale of party workers. State leaders were completely bypassed in the decision to induct Bedi into the party.

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