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Indian democratic opposition must adopt positive agenda

Our Indian democratic opposition is reactionary and they often work for cross purposes. They must adopt a positive agenda. BJP is following right of center approach, rather too much right tilt. You follow slightly left of center approach, which fits better with so much economic disparity. We need to fix a minimum national wage, next an optimum average and cap the maximum. Capping maximum wage is not punitive. You will be given recognition and other rewards in kind. There is huge gap between the rich and the poor at present and this model will be well liked by the masses.

Compulsory national service to impart discipline is long overdue towards citizen development. Aligning the industrialists and business houses to work (adopt ) rural and semi urban areas and production of grains, pulses, poultry, fruits and vegetables is to be maximised. People should be encouraged to eat fish and our fishing industry must be developed. Providing free education up to 12th class and fortifying it with skill training. More doctors, nurses and paramedics. National service is important also for developing the health. Everybody is seeking medical help. This has to be curtailed by good physical training as in defence services.

Movement of goods via Inland waterways needs to be handled seeking cooperation of the states to eliminate bottlenecks and bureaucratic red tape. Mostly the local crew are to be trained and employed for purpose of providing jobs to local youth, thereby also cutting the manning costs. Most of the food items should move in this way. Fishing is to be singled out, as an example. Fish may be brought in from Myanmar Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We must improve our own fishing industry. People should be encouraged to eat fish for nutrition and health.

High value cargo can also move by encouraging logistics industry. As they say, development takes place near the ports. How to move the cargo to the berth, load and lash safely and deliver in good order and condition. If any foreign assistance is needed, same may unhesitatingly be sought. Low cost healthy life but technically very sound, that must be the aim. Unite, spell out this agenda and amicably select a leader. Proceed towards sure success. A country cannot progress without disciplined citizens. In our country, the situation is even worse because our politicians are more indisciplined and greedy. They are occupying bungalows even after relinquishing office.

We say our GDP is lowering. It will happen because our politicians own professional colleges where practically there is no faculty. Government must pay attention to this very urgently. One of my late colleagues was educated in Lahore and he used to say, there are good physics and maths teachers there. There is no harm in selecting some of them and bringing in on contract basis. We can recruit from other countries too. These are important matters needing attention of central and state governments.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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