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Indo-Israel bilateral ties

I have lost count, how many times I pleaded for at least a limited national service to impart discipline in our youth. Every young person in Israel is well trained and disciplined. Most of our youth are indisciplined, untrained  and now have become cow protectors. I had visited Israel many times on ship because our owner was an Israeli American. I had good fortune of visiting Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Palestinian 2 to 3 times. Once I was going to join ship from Haifa. I had caught a cold but I did not want to miss the ship. I went to doctor before going on board and our manager said you will feel better after having few pills. Doctor checked me and asked me to go to X- ray room. He showed me pneumonia patches on my left lung. Before I could say anything within five minutes, I had changed my clothes and was hospitalised and offered medicines. Everything facility was provided to me in the hospital. I stayed for two days and was sent back to Mumbai for recuperating. Just before leaving, I hesitatingly asked for a few capsules for consuming them in Mumbai.Doctors offered me a box of capsules without asking any questions. That’s Israel my friends.

Discipline and hard work makes a nation. No politician will tell you this because you will get angry and not vote for him. What shall we do with so much defence equipment? It is better to seek water resource development authority of foreign nations and irrigate our barren land for promoting agriculture. Israelis and Palestinians must start living in peace and work together . For this, they must come out of the clutches of Hamas.

There is violence and turmoil in Muslim countries due to lack of leadership, neither in India, nor across the world. There are no amicable leaders in Iran, Iraq, Misr etc. Strong and progressive Iran will augur well for the world. Egypt not developing to its full potential. If Suez Canal is transformed then it will pave for development of trade and add to the nation’s GDP. We had a good time in Alexandria. I have not seen and tasted groundnuts as big and tasty as those present in Alexandria. Rising unemployment, increasing wage disparity, scarcity of water and electricity are the issues faced by India. We must seek assistance of technicians from other countries to improve our work culture.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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