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Is AIB Knockout justified?

AIB-LeadMumbaikars are unhappy with the removal of the video of comedy show AIB Knockout from YouTube. The makers of the show had issued a warning to viewers in the beginning to refrain from viewing the videos due to its objectionable content. The Mumbai Police have already begun a probe against filmmaker Karan Johar, actor Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, which alleged that the trio had used “filthy and abusive language” in the comedy show.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had said that the government will take action against AIB, if the show was found to be vulgar. Why such a hue and cry is raised over a comedy show? Can’t people decide what they should watch and what content they should ignore? Suddenly comedians are finding that their freedom of expression is being questioned and their work undergoing a scrutiny. AV spoke to Mumbaikars to know about their opinion about the comedy show which has become a topic of debate among everyone nowadays.

Viren-KantiViren Kanti a college student said, “If the makers of the comedy show AIB continue to use abusive words then it will create a bad impression in the minds of people.”

Afzal-ChudesaraAfzal Chudesara, an employee working with a private firm said, “Comedians have made a good name for themselves in the industry. If they try to indulge in such acts then children will emulate them.”

nawab-malikjpgNawab Malik, NCP spokesperson said, “Publicly such content is intolerable. There has to be censorship on such content. They are crossing their limits. Everyone should follow moral values. What was the need to upload that video on public platform?

Rohini-Salian4Rohini Salian senior Advocate said, “Comedy should be hard-hitting but not offensive or vulgar. If at all there is such content, it should not hurt individual sentiments. Everyone has the right of expression, but it should be reasonable.”

Ajay-YadayAjay Yadav, a college student said, “They are the role models for new generation. If we watch this show and try to copy their style then our parents will disallow us from watching movies in the future.”

Indrajeet-ParjapatiIndrajeet Prajapati an employee working in a private firm said, “Actors have used abusive words in the programme. If we stop watching their movies then how will they survive in the industry?”

Qayyum-ShaikhQayyum Shaikh a student said, “If makers are more interested in making such shows then they should create a separate website for the same. Today even schools children possess mobile phones and they search such content on their phones.”

Amanda-McDonaldAmanda McDonald, Graphic Designer from Mira Road said, “According to me, it’s stupidity for them to remove the video. I mean it was made on actors and that’s part and parcel of what they do. It’s just jokes.”

Patrick-BrittoPatrick Britto, a media student from Mira Road said, “No certainly not, AIB clearly mentioned that the show is for adults and it’s not for people who get offended easily. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. The show was purely entertainment based and AIB tried introducing a western show into our country. I didn’t find any harm in it.”

navdeep-modiNavdeep Modi, Event Organiser from Lokhandwala said, “I really don’t understand why in India everything starts and ends on religion. For people who are self-proclaimed ‘torchbearers’ of Indian culture, just answer me this – what about Kamasutra and its depictions in ancient Indian culture? How do you justify that and not a light-hearted comedy video? Comedy can be healthy without using sexually explicit words.”

Sneha-KotianSneha Kotian, a junior college student from Mahim said, “I believe it was foolish to remove the video. The more you refrain the youth from doing something without any proper explanation, the more they will find a way to do it.”

SurabhiSurabhi Samant, Content Manager from Vasai Road said, “I don’t approve this particular Roast as it is unethical to put something on YouTube meant for private paid audience.”

VidhyaVidhya Lona Fernandes, Executive Assistant, Mira Road said, “It was just a roast and people are supposed to do such stuff or else why call it a roast? If you see the audience like Deepika, Alia and all other celebrities were equally enjoying it. Such things are not meant to be controversial.”

Ali-Navaz-ThaverAli Nawaz Thaver, BMM student and intern at Tippler (Food App), Mumbra said, “It is sad to see Indian govt. and others concerned finding a way into this medium. Why not ban YouTube then, because it is filled with endless ridiculous content?”

MishikaMishika Nambiar, BA student, Borivali said, “I think its simple freedom of speech, whether you want to or don’t want to listen to them is your decision.”

JadanJadan Mendes a Final year Hotel Management student, Andheri (E) said,“No I guess the video is awesome. India needs to live in the modern times. People speak such language always.”

PoojaPooja Pawaskar, a TY-BMM Advertising student said, “Genuinely I feel that video should not have been removed because everyone uses such kind of abusive language in their daily lives.”

BhowmikBhowmik Dixit, Business Development Executive said, “No it’s unjustified as there are many more vulgar videos on Youtube than the AIB one. Moreover, they have mentioned at the start of the video that it is only for adults and people who find it offensive may not watch the same.”

GlenGlen G Gonsalves, OFS attendant, Andheri said, “I don’t justify the removal. As people paid Rs. 4000 to watch the show live so why remove it from Youtube?.”

According to reports, 4,000 people attended the show last week in Mumbai and later it was uploaded on YouTube, which went viral. The Maharashtra culture department also issued a notice to the NSCI (National Sports Club of India) club, where the AIB roast was held, asking whether a censor certificate had been sought to stage the event.

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