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Is post more important than service?

The appointment of the new Police Commissioner has already run into controversies. Questions were raised over Maria’s appointment and officials also alleged that the decision was politically motivated. A question which arises in my mind is why every senior police officer wants to become the police chief as only one person will be appointed for the coveted post. What is the big deal if any official doesn’t become the Mumbai Police Commissioner? Maria was deserving candidate hence he was appointed as the new police chief and there is no need to make a hue and cry over it. In fact those officials who were overlooked for the post of police commissioner have been offered promotions. So they need not get disappointed about it and should resume their duties.

It’s the responsibility of the police officer to tackle crime. It doesn’t matter what post is assigned to cops as it’s their duty to resolve crime case and make the city safe for residents. Questions are being raised about the intention of the senior level officials who are eyeing the lucrative job about whether they are greedy. It doesn’t matter if an official is appointed as the Police Commissioner or the post of Director General. At the end of the day, they have to control crime in the city.

Let’s talk about the officer’s who are upset with the government’s decision to appoint Rakesh Maira as Police Commissioner. Vijay Kamble who was in fray for being appointed as the police chief has been alloted the post of Thane police Commissioner should not feel disappointed. Another police officer, Ahmad Javed too was not pleased with Maria’s appointment as the new police chief as he felt that he was more eligible for the post. He has been appointed as the Director General, Home Guard which is a higher post as compared to Mumbai Police Commissioner.

The reason why every police official dreams wants to become the Police Chief of Mumbai is because it’s a metropolitan city and the nation’s financial capital.

Ahmad Javed has gone to leave instead of taking charge as Director General, Home Guard and Vijay Kamble is also expected to follow his footsteps which is setting a bad precedent and malign the image of the police department. Finally, I can say that instead of eyeing for the coveted post police officers needs to beef up the security of the city security and make it a better place to live.

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