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Islamic scholar urges Muslims to refrain from attending congregational prayers amid Coronavirus outbreak

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Noted Islamic scholar and leading theologian, Maulana Shaikh Khalil-ur-Rahman Sajjad Nomani on Tuesday urged the Muslim community to refrain from attending congregational prayers in mosques till the (COVID-19) pandemic recedes.

The scholar’s appeal is the first categorical announcement by a top Muslim cleric to the faithful to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Nomani, considered the tallest cleric of the Naqshbandi Sufi order, is also an official spokesman of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

He said that he was issuing this appeal only after conferring with leading Islamic jurists and theologians.

After due deliberations, we have come to the decision that while Azan’ (Islamic call to prayer) in all mosques should continue as mandated in Islam, but all congregational prayers should be limited to three-four persons who are the keepers of each mosque and reside inside these mosques as caretakers, the scholar said.

He said according to the letter and spirit of Islamic teachings, it was absolutely in order if Muslims offered prayers at home in the company of their family members.

Maulana Nomani who divides his time between Raigaad in Maharashtra and Lucknow told PTI over telephone that the Muslim community should come forward and play its due role in helping the country in this hour of crisis.

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