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ISRO makes India proud

Launching successfully 104 satellites in the orbit shows that ISRO has mastered the Art of Spacecraft Deployment and Space Navigation. All ISRO scientists deserve appreciation for their achievement, and setting world record. In an area of toppling darkness the ISRO is doing a commendable and praiseworthy job. This proves that in terms of space technology we are on par with any other developed nation. Our scientists have shown that they are really heroes of India who created many milestones. ISRO is one public funded institution that is doing very well and showcasing the aspirations of Indian public. The institution also had encountered many failures but that never bogged it down. We are proud that we have a reliable organisation in our land. Illustrious persons nurtured this institution to its present level of eminence. They have again proved themselves and made India proud after successful Mars mission.

The ISRO scientists have inspired us and make us feel proud, and lift our spirits too. We must pay tribute to the perseverance of thousands of scientists and the foresight and vision of great leaders like Prof. Satish Dhawan, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam and others. ISRO is one of the most reliable names when it comes to commercial missions and the successful launch of the PSLV C28, the heaviest commercial mission undertaken by the Indian space agency. The space agency commitment, hard work and team effort are a source of inspiration for the working class of various organisations to achieve their goals. India is on the rise and no one can stop her. Perhaps ISRO could benefit from developing something similar, in order to facilitate passive cooling of spacecraft.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam started from ISRO where he considered FAILURE as the first attempt in learning and took the responsibility for failures and success was achieved by his team. ISRO has never launched so many satellites in a single mission. In June 2008, the PSLV-C10 had carried 10 satellites with itself, which was a world record at that time. Our country is competing with other international players for a greater share of that launch market, and is known for its low-cost space programme. Scientist Kasturirangan has rightly said that the launch is a demonstration of India’s strength and ability to think to the highest level of sophistication in areas such as mathematics, science and physics.

Time and again, ISRO has demonstrated what a dedicated Public Sector Undertaking can achieve. What is significant about the launch is the number of satellites carried by a rocket. Compared to successful launch by the Russian Space Agency launching 37 satellites in one go, India became the first country to script history by launching 104 satellites in a single rocket.

We salute ISRO and all the affiliated organisations for having made this giant step in India’s space program, a feat we as citizens are inspired and proud of. We also thank the Prime Minister for the encouraging words after the launch and the continued support rendered to them. In words of our PM Narendra Modi, I would say that despite our many limitations, we have succeeded and it is a shining symbol of what we are capable of achieving as a nation. A successful space programme generates efforts across multiple domains.

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