ISRO scientists make India proud

Our ISRO scientists have really made us proud by entering MARS orbit in first attempt and with minimum investment. Some people may say that India has spent lumpsum amount but we do not realize, how much capability our scientists have displayed. This is a mission that has been budgeted at 4.5bn rupees ($74m), which, by Western standards, is staggeringly cheap. The American Maven orbiter that arrived at the Red Planet is costing almost 10 times as much.

We gained by practicalising science using indigenous technology. In our universities we need to encourage those who have talent and brain to pursue pure science like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics while those candidates possessing skills should master manufacturing techniques like welding, machining, plumbing, carpentry, work of an electrician etc. All these skills will come handy when we “start making in India” which will pave wave for the nation’s development by boosting manufacturing.

Modi is really good juggler with the words. His slogan First develop India (FDI) is correct. He should seek the assistance of foreign nations and collaborate with them to kickstart manufacturing in India which will generate more employment. It is not like the old Zamindari system where you till my fields, give me the maximum and you take the minimum. Please come and train us to excel in manufacturing skills.

Now, look at our selfish politicians. All of them are eyeing the Chief Ministerial post without working for the welfare of masses. Have you noticed, how their hairs look well styled and they wear good clothes. They dislike any form of manual labour. Modi should ask them to undergo some training in factories which will enable them to understand work at the grassroots level. The Supreme Court has given the right verdict by cancelling the coal blocks but unless the government works fast our nation will experience power shortage. The apex court had scrapped 214 coal block allotted between 1993 and 2010 and has spared only four coal mines. Without electric power, manufacturing will be affected adversely. We want to live a long life without performing any work and trying to get everything very cheap, totally unmindful of production costs and commission of middlemen.

Let us hope that PM attracts lot of American investment into India. Modi is smart and he will become successful but for things to work effectively at the grassroots level, he needs to become strict and monitoring the progress of projects. He needs to work with the bureaucracy and should follow a zero tolerance policy on corruption. Merely sermonizing will not help now.