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It doesn’t look real: James Cameron on ‘Aquaman’s’ depiction of underwater life

Director James Cameron, who has pioneered the art of underwater storytelling, says DC blockbuster “Aquaman” could not do justice to the real life of ocean.

The filmmaker, who is currently working on the sequels to his award-winning film “Avatar”, said even though he finds the James Wan-directed superhero film “fun” he would never be able to make a movie which is detached from realism.

“I think its great fun. I think its a movie I could have never made. Truthfully. I could have never made that film because it requires this total dreamlike disconnect from any sense of physics or reality. It exists somewhere between a Greek mythic landscape and a fairy tale landscape.

“And people just kind of zoom around underwater because they propel themselves mentally? I guess? I don’t know. But it’s cool. You buy it on its own terms. But I’ve spent thousands of hours underwater. I’m very literal about my underwater. It needs to look like it’s real. And while I can enjoy that film I don’t resonate with it because it doesn’t look real,” Cameron told an leading daily.

“Aquaman” starring Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard released in December and went on to make over USD 1 billion worldwide.

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