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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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It is survival of fittest in job market: Part II

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Management education plays a very important role in equipping undergraduates through functional expertise and value-based learning.

Huge competition exists for the few available posts and it is difficult to find high-paying ones. There will be more job seekers and the squeeze will go on for some more time. How to overcome the situation which is going from bad to worse? It is the survival of the fittest and better to accept a temporary job offer. No company will let go of competent people. Despite all your efforts still, you are without a job. Therefore it is necessary to make use of the time to upgrade your knowledge and try for the better job opportunity. It is true that Knowledge is Power.

In the coming months, many employers around in India will make do with the people they have, finding ways to contain costs and being very cautious about appointing new entrants. Temporary employment may take the front seat and permanent employment will be the last option for employers. It is time to keep the pain in check with a positive and purposeful approach. It is better to add one new competency every year and step up the level of proficiency in the existing scenario.

Better to make a chart and try to get the best training available to upgrade your knowledge. One has to measure the extent that one has developed on the competency achieved by getting proper feedback periodically from close quarters. It is time to move around the job market and achieve the best of the best to survive.

It is all those explicit and tacit commitments to live in a particular lifestyle that creates the survival-threat. Survival threat impacts the minds of people, who have even comfortable resources to live, without the need to earn even a single rupee for the next few years. However, it doesn’t create even a fraction of that risk perception in people, who are accustomed to live from today to tomorrow, with no clarity how the economic demands of life would be met, say, even next month.

Survival doesn’t mean the same to everyone. The Senior VP of a large organisation feels more threatened in his mind with survival risk, in tougher business times, than someone, who has barely enough economic means to run his family. Failure is not just an option, but something that doesn’t even look like a threat for most of the have-nots. However, the very fear of failure creates havoc in the minds of at least some well-accomplished people, who have more-than-enough savings as a fall-back. It is indeed the survival of the fittest.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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