Jacqueline, Salman draw flak for hugging a kid

Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez are facing the ire of the netizens for forcing an ‘unwilling child’ to hug Jacqueline.

Jacqueline had taken to social media to share a clip of the stars’ appearance on a reality TV show where the ‘Sultan’ star can be seen persuading a young boy, a contestant, to give her a hug.

The two were present on the show to promote their upcoming film ‘Race 3.’

While Salman and Jacqueline took it all in fun, this did not go down well with their fans and followers.

“Negating consent and all that we are teaching kids about how their bodies are theirs. *slow clap*,” wrote one user.

“Kid of 5 or 6 says he doesn’t want to hug Jacqueline Fernandez. Celeb panel laughs. “Aise kaise?” Repeatedly he says he doesn’t feel like hugging her. Body language suggests same. Salman Khan forces him to hug her. Forces him to “tightly hug her” once again. Consent be damned,” wrote another.