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Jayanthi Natarajan’s shocking allegations

Four times Rajya Sabha member Jayanthi Natarajan who has quit the Congress is blaming Rahul Gandhi for instructing her to delay the environmental projects without any explanation. Natarajan said she was ready to face a probe over the issue of green clearances. The projects were denied clearances despite being favoured by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other Cabinet colleagues. Jayanthi had reportedly written a letter to Congress president Sonia Gandhi in which she has alleged a motivated campaign against her in the party. She also accused Rahul of interference in day-to-day functioning of the UPA-2 government under Manmohan Singh. There is a limit to political ambition. This is plain dirty stuff. Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was wearing ten lakh suite and to deflect, very swift action has been taken.

Jayanthi is likely to join the BJP however the party would only induct her after the she is cleared off all allegations. To take our mind away from negativities, let us start appreciating the positives. Recently, I visited an exhibition at Goregaon where I could see pumps, condensers, shaft seals, automation systems, filteration systems, centrifuges and equipments for chemical and glass industries etc; manufactured in India which is of superior quality. These manufacturers need to be patronized and encouraged by buying their products and using them.

Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is being questioned by CBI on Hindalco coal allocation. Although CBI officials confirmed that Mr. Singh’s statement had been recorded, they remained tight-lipped over when exactly the agency approached him. Is the investigation agency aware about what product Hindalco manufactures and how much electric power is consumed in the process? Do they know from where this power will come? Mahatma Gandhi had stayed in Birla house so should CBI investigate that also?

It is the duty of the head of the department to keep an eye on section officers. Training should be imparted to CBI officers pertaining to the production of electric power, it’s quantum of use for various industries etc; so that they can take a wholesome view during investigations. The PM is displaying narcissistic tendencies by wearing “Modi Modi” suit. Where is the need for such vulgar display? Youth may emulate him. They may not have money still they may start demanding it as a dowry.

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