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Job market shrinks for non-resident Indians

Foreign job market is on a tricky wicket as tighter norms in Western nations and slowdown in oil felled Gulf economies hit India and the job market shrinks for Indians Internationally and it is a bad news. Job seekers from India are the highest as we see the huge queues in front of Passport office and the crowd near Visa centres. Present day Indian Engineering graduates are looking for better prospects in US by doing MS to increase the career prospect. The recent check on H-1B Visa and other restrictions put the job opportunities under constant threat and people already employed overseas are struggling a bit and they try for alternatives in vain. Vanishing foreign jobs is a worry for the youngsters and the Indians face a shrinking job market abroad. It is indeed tough time and survival of the fittest in the job market. Cut throat competition exists in job market and the seniors will vie for top honours with juniors in a do or die approach.

Take for example sports of any form, art, culture, business and the office job all work for excellence and thereby wish to achieve laurels in one way or the other. It is important to stay ahead of other, even by just a couple of steps.

Today High School students are getting internships. The truth is that even these students today are racking up real-life work experience more aggressively than most college goers did at their age. Management education prepares students to work in teams, collaborate across cultures and increase efficiency with effectiveness. In the current economic slowdown, management institutes must offer value added courses beyond the normal management curriculum. To work in a global market, students need to learn a foreign language at least. In the present economic scenario, organizations prefer hiring employees who can contribute to the business without having to spend much time on training them. Management education plays a very important role in equipping undergraduates through functional expertise and value based learning.

There is huge competition for the few available posts and it is difficult to find high-paying ones. It is the survival of the fittest. No company will let go of competent people. Despite all your efforts still you are without a job because of the crisis that make use of the time to upgrade your knowledge and try for better job opportunity.  It is true that Knowledge is Power.

In the coming months, many employers around in India will make do with the people they have, finding ways to curtail costs and being very cautious about appointing new entrants. Temporary employment may take the front seat and permanent jobs will be the last option for employers. It is time to keep the pain in check with a positive and purposeful approach. It is better to add one new competency every year and step up the level of proficiency in the existing scenario.

Candidates must prepare a chart and try to get best training available to upgrade their knowledge. One has to measure the extent that one has developed on the competency achieved by getting proper feedback periodically from close quarters. It is time to move around the job market and achieve the best of the best to survive. It is indeed survival of the fittest.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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