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Journalism: A double edged weapon in demand

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Newspapers, E-journals, magazines, TV news bulletins, radio news, news providing webs have become a necessity for people these days. Yes, news via all these mediums are discussed by people all the time. All these mediums of news exist under a single roof called ‘journalism’. Right, the very word has become popular among the human folk.

Journalism is a profession which is today embraced by many. Gone are the days when journalists provided yesterday’s news in pen and paper. Due to technological advances, type writers have been replaced by computers which have helped journalists to present immediately occurring news to the masses.

The newspapers and radio bulletins, those called as stale food earlier have now made certain changes to remain popular. Many newspapers instead of being printed once a day have started an evening edition. Moreover, they have started their own websites and the news is directly pasted on the websites in the form of E-paper. A large number of subscribers avail such net facilities. The radio stations have also started 24 hours news bands by making them popular through interactions and discussions.

The electronic media is working as a miraculous tool for journalists. 24/7 news channels telecast news in all the languages which has ended the traditional role of news bulletin read for half an hour once in a day. The news channels aim at providing news to a large population, their team include a huge group of reporters and editors who strive hard day and night for broadcasting news each and every second. They attract huge crowd through live chats, interviews of the celebrities and direct debates including audiences’ participation.

But, as the coin has another side, corrupt practices are also creeping into journalism. Media is facing the crisis of credibility. Many media houses in a hurry to meet their deadline and to give exclusive coverage are misleading the masses through half boiled stories which are not newsworthy. They are also accused of working for TRPs by creating hype for crime, sex and money than working for the wellbeing of the society. Besides, they are also encouraging a globalised culture which is destroying our native cultural values. Murders and violence are always exaggerated and highlighted which may avocet the weak minded. Moreover, the journalists are to be blamed for showing one sided story, which completely hides the actual truth.

But on the whole, journalism is considered as the mirror of the society, which acts as a bridge between the people and bureaucracy. Though the field is hasboth positive and negative aspects, as similar to the two sides of the same coin, it tries to work efficiently, adhearing to the principles of ethics. There is no doubt that the field is attracting a large number of people. The area can be used as a very good weapon to ensure the wellbeing of the society only if the weapon isused with morality, humanity and ethics along with timeliness and professionalism

Pramesh Jain

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