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Junk food not unhealthy if cooked at home!

Prevention is always better than cure and a healthy diet is a recipe for good health and happy life. Junk food is not unhealthy or bad if cooked at home and vada pav, pizza, pastas etc which the young as well as the old love to binge can be cooked in low fat oil and healthy ingredients to satisfy ones appetite so that you do not feel the urge to have them at unhygienic road side eateries.

Cutting junk food totally from children’s diet is not advisable as young kids always have the curiosity to do what they are denied. People have the urge to eat junk food when they are extremely hungry which means that you should keep eating something or the other in small quantities at regular intervals which even the dieticians advise so that you do not have the cravings for fast food. Junk or fast food are not bad but preservatives added in them to store for long make them unhealthy. Fresh food is always better than eating packed food and people should eat freshly cooked food than one which is ‘ready to cook food’ which has become popular these days which though saves time but is injurious to one’s health. Exercise of course is key to healthy living and it is as important as healthy diet in one’s lifestyle!

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