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Kaley Cuoco show jumps under secret name

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Actress Kaley Cuoco has started show jumping under a secret name to avoid getting mobbed.

“I actually started showing under a secret name… I have a little bit of an alias. I’ve been trying to steer clear of being super noticeable but it’s hard when you’re being followed around,” Cuoco said at host Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show, reports

“I just tried to come up with something simple because it’s always up on a big board so people walk by and they see the name.

“The problem is too in the horse world, a lot of people know what horses you ride and the names of them. My horses are becoming a little more famous than I am,” she added.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old claimed she wouldn’t have her career without horse riding.

“I have six horses, and they have been the biggest blessing in my life. Horseback riding is why I’m so centred, especially in this business. I wouldn’t have my career without it,” Cuoco said.

The actress also believes that her relationship with beau Karl Cook would not be so strong if they didn’t share a love for horses.

“When you share something so special, some sort of connection for us, it’s horses, but anything two people share, you have that common goal and you know that you want the same things in life, day to day, and in the future.

“It just sets you on a better path. Having a lot in common is really important and we definitely have a lot in common. I think that that’s what makes us so strong and really happy,” Cuoco added.

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